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Second day at QUBS – August 16th

Gartner snake held by TA Kat Stewart.

Today was filled with lectures by Professor Wang and practical field work under the guidance of graduate students Scott and Kat. The day commenced with a series of lectures by Professor Wang on Fish Biodiversity and Conservation and on Aquatic Habitat Assessment. These lectures laid the groundwork for habitat assessments that we will be conducting in the coming days of the course.


After the lectures we walked down the road to Birch Bay (on Lake Opinicon) to collect aquatic invertebrate samples. I think that you, the reader will be particularly amused by the fascination of our Chinese partners and friends with a small herd of dairy cows that were seen on the road between the station and the bay (you can imagine that there isn’t much opportunity to see such livestock in metropolises such as Shanghai and Beijing). Cows, as nutritionally important as they are, were not the only organisms seen today. On the aquatic

Lodge against cloudy sky.

invertebrate search we captured such diverse creatures as crayfish, dragonfly nymphs, planarian worms, and snail eggs. In taking measurements of temperature, oxygen saturation, and dissolved solids we were able to get a feel for the protocol taken by ecologists in evaluating habitat quality and condition.

讲座之后,我们步行来到桦树海湾(在Opinicon湖)收集水生无脊椎生物样品。 我认为读者将会对中国伙伴和朋友对在驻地和海湾的奶牛群的迷恋感到有趣(可以想象,在上海和北京这样的大城市这样的牧群并不常见)。母牛不仅仅是我们今天看到的唯一生物,对于当地的生态多样性也十分重要。在水生无脊椎动物的搜寻中我们找到了许多不同的生物, 比如小龙虾、蜻蜓若虫、扁形动物类的涡虫和蜗牛卵。对温度、氧气饱和度和溶解固体的测量让我们得到了评估栖息地质量和情况,就像生态学家经常感受的那样。

After our busy morning we took time off for some R and R and even Professor Wang joined in ( I can tell you that there’s nothing quite like seeing your professor jumping about catching footballs and diving for volleyballs). After dinner, after the jet-lag set in, and after student seminars, we headed back down the road under the glow of the quarter-moon in an attempt to view barn owls. We had no luck in seeing

Wolf spider.

any owls, however, we were able to see many shooting stars and our Chinese partners were thrilled at the sight of the starry night sky.

在繁忙的早晨之后我们休息了几个小时,王教授也加入了我们(你一定从来没见过教授为了一个排球上蹿下跳)。 晚餐之后,在时差和演讲而造成的困倦之下,我们朝外面走去,在月光的照耀下找谷仓猫头鹰。不幸的是,我们并没有在这里看见猫头鹰。然而,我们能看许多流星,并和我的中国伙伴为繁星之夜美轮美奂的天空而激动。

Dramatic sky at dusk.

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