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August 22nd – The Chinese students forge ahead at QUBS!


We got up early as usual, hungry, but we didn’t hear the bell sound for breakfast at 7:30, it turns out to be that today, as Sunday, will serve brunch from 9 to 12, which means that we have to wait a while to enjoy the favorable food. At 10, we went out for hiking by two cars,

Morning hike.

来到远足路线的入口,我们拿到了一张标有路线的地图和几个GPS,依靠这两个东西我们要徒步完成整个路线。我们信心满满地走向树林深处,茂密的枫树夹着林间小路,宁静而美好,天公不作美,细细的小雨飘着渐渐打湿了我们外衣。在一片湿地旁,我们看到了传说中的“Beaver Pond”就是由于一群河狸在水中筑坝建巢,在河道中形成了一个小型水库,抬高的水位是淹死了树木,而河狸则啃噬树干,树木倒下后它们就能吃到最爱的花和叶。这样的水坝结构精妙,一路上我们见到不少河狸的杰作,而我们组的曹政在踩了一脚泥之后,终于站在了河狸房子的房顶上。除此之外,我们还见到不少好看的大型真菌和地衣,大家纷纷拿出相机拍了下来。经过了3个多小时的步行,我们终于到达了远足的终点,大家的样子都有点狼狈,湿漉漉的头发和衣服,沾满泥水的裤管,这是一次独特的体验。

At the entrance of the hiking place, we got a map with route and several GPS, we have to finish the entire route on foot. We stepped into the woods with full confidence. The road is surrounded by many maple trees, everything is quite and beautiful. But the weather is not that good, the drizzle wet our coats. Beside a wetland, there have we seen the Beaver

Ready to get wet.

Pond, a small dam that is constructed by beavers. The raised water level has drown the woods while the beavers gnawed off the outer side of the tree so that they can have the flowers and leaves which they loved to eat. The dams that beavers built are fine and ingenious in the organization. After step into the marsh for many times, our group member Merlin has finally reach the “roof” of the beavers’ home. We have seen many master pieces of beavers all alone the road, besides we have also seen many nice large fungi and lichen which have made us take out our camera and take the photo. After 3 hours’ hiking, we final reached the termination, everybody is wet. With cloth and hair all wet, the trouser legs wet with mud, such is one unique experience.


Roxanne Razavi giving a talk.

After we returned to the lodge, we had no extra time to rest after we changed cloth and have several cookies but to have a lecture on the influence of mercury on aqua-animals and human. The presenter Roxanne is a very beautiful and charming sister, who had made a four-month-research in Fudan University during the last year. According to her presenting, we have gain knowledge about the accumulation of mercury in the food chain, use isotopes to trace mercury and the different amount of mercury in individuals of food chain and water bodies.


After a sumptuous dinner in the evening, we watched the sixth episode of “Wild China”. The show told about the coastal environment and biodiversity of China through the migration route of birds. Such is a day of our life, we are looking forward to a more exciting tomorrow!

GPS track for August 22nd 2010.

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