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August 25th – Visit to Queen’s University main campus.

8-24 Kingston city and lab tour

Visiting Queen's campus.

We visited Kingston city today which is just one hour drive from QUBS. We arrived campus of Queen’s around nine in the morning and get a glimpse on Queen’s University before lab tour in Biology Complex building. The campus is mixed up with town roads, no distinct borders, which is very different from China where universities usually have fences and borders. Unfortunately, Mingzhi had to run back to park site every two hours (maximum permitted time) for a new parking ticket, which keeps him quite busy.

We visited Steve with his graduate and PhD students; his pets: three snakes one turtle in his office. We also take a look at P.E.A.R.L (Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Labratory) where we meeting Prof Cumming and Heather again. The Biological Complex building is really a compound department of biology, environment, chemistry and geography. Many laboratories here are doing research in a mixed field, and some professors have two offices or labs separately locate with different subject workmates for they are studying something combined two sciences together. It is pretty cool thing to keep people of different field together for cooperate research and actually construct a place to make them work together. This idea fits a fact that science front of today is in mixed research field.

Getting to know a snake in Steve Lougheed's officie.

After the lab tour we had lunch downtown with vice president of Queen’s. We ordered the table so late that the only chief in the restaurant can’t be busier making all the dishes. After all it served delicious food.

After several hours hanging around in the city, we dead to the sunset show of Royal Military University at 19:30. The school is on the river shore of St. Lawrence where it meets lake Ontario. The old Kingston city has such a critical location that it was the capital and one of most important cities in Canada. Though the capital had been moved to Ottawa in 20th centuries, military sites of old capital is reserved and involved into the military show and university today. The show contains band play on music of traditional Canada celebrating songs and military show simulates real fight in old times. The “soldiers” are well trained and dressed, with perfect action they present the most attractive part of the old town Kingston.

Finally we come back to QUBS is nearly 23:00. The kitchen staff saved our dinner, which are even nicer as we are hungry. What a busy and dazzling day!

BTW, thanks to Yuxiang and Mingzhi drive us all around!


Heather introducing PEARL.



GPS track for August 25th.

Sunset ceremony at Fort Henry.

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